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Meet the girl who changed my entire perception of beauty.

Some of you may know her as 87daysbefore, or icallitambrosia

Or simply as Rachel.

A John Green enthusiast, makeup extraordinaire, and stunningly beautiful woman, Rachel continually makes me laugh in her youtube videos which range from beauty/makeup tutorials to the ever hilarious “Chrachel Cooks” where she and her boyfriend emulate a cooking show. She started out here on tumblr and I followed her first there, then immediately began to follow her on youtube as her channel debuted there.

Rachel changed my perception of beauty and she will change yours too. Her makeup, personal style, and confidence helped to shape my own looks and attitude.

She recently reached 50K followers, and no one deserves it more than her. She made a video about it as well, which you can view here. I wrote a comment on it, congratulating her and you guys should as well. You may even win a prize!

My comment reads as follows:

"I subscribed on a whim and it changed my life. You entirely transformed my outlook on makeup, and what truly makes a beautiful person. Your style, humor, and use of curse words made me continue watching your videos. Congratulations on 50k, there is no one on youtube who deserves it more than you."

You can see my comment on youtube here

Be sure to check out her channel, and subscribe!

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